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Senior Windows Internals Engineer


Tel Aviv, Israel

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Dream is a pioneering AI cybersecurity company delivering revolutionary defense through artificial intelligence. Our proprietary AI platform creates a unified security system safeguarding assets against existing and emerging generative cyber threats. Dream's advanced AI automates discovery, calculates risks, performs real-time threat detection, and plans an automated response. With a core focus on the "unknowns," our AI transforms data into clear threat narratives and actionable defense strategies.

Dream's AI cybersecurity platform represents a paradigm shift in cyber defense, employing a novel, multi-layered approach across all organizational networks in real-time. At the core of our solution is Dream's proprietary Cyber Language Model, a groundbreaking innovation that provides real-time, contextualized intelligence for comprehensive, actionable insights into any cyber-related query or threat scenario.

  • 5+ years of experience in Windows drivers development.

  • Fluent in C.

  • Deep understanding of operating system concepts and Windows internals.

  • Experience with file-system minifilter or Windows Filtering Platform drivers - an advantage.

  • Familiarity with C++ (11 or later).

  • Proven experience in multithreaded development and synchronization.

  • Excellent debugging skills, including the ability to identify and rectify race conditions and memory leaks.

  • Capable of conducting code reviews with a focus on design and quality, contributing to a high-standard codebase.

  • Understanding of low-level assembly to delve into software internals.

  • Working with research such as IDA and WinDbg to analyze and troubleshoot software issues.

  • Problem-solving abilities.

  • Analytical thinking.

  • Ability to work well in a team.

  • Write production-grade C/C++ code to create robust and high-performance software drivers and applications for Windows.

  • Investigate possibly undocumented system behavior to enable product features or to resolve software issues.

  • Optimize code for maximum efficiency and resource utilization, ensuring the smooth operation of our solutions.

  • Collaborate closely with operating system internals to gather essential data for analyzing abnormal behavior on endpoints.

  • Participate in code reviews with an emphasis on design and code quality, ensuring the team adheres to best practices.

  • Work effectively within a team, contributing to a collaborative and innovative development environment.

  • Apply your problem-solving abilities to address complex technical challenges in the cybersecurity domains.

We are looking for a senior Windows developer who is passionate about software design, code quality, and performance. The job involves writing production-grade and highly performant code that will be shipped to thousands of endpoints. The role includes developing for the Windows kernel to collect the necessary data as well as writing user-mode code for integrating the kernel driver into our sensor’s architecture.


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