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Security Researcher - Networking


Tel Aviv, Israel

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Dream is a pioneering AI cybersecurity company delivering revolutionary defense through artificial intelligence. Our proprietary AI platform creates a unified security system safeguarding assets against existing and emerging generative cyber threats. Dream's advanced AI automates discovery, calculates risks, performs real-time threat detection, and plans an automated response. With a core focus on the "unknowns," our AI transforms data into clear threat narratives and actionable defense strategies.

Dream's AI cybersecurity platform represents a paradigm shift in cyber defense, employing a novel, multi-layered approach across all organizational networks in real-time. At the core of our solution is Dream's proprietary Cyber Language Model, a groundbreaking innovation that provides real-time, contextualized intelligence for comprehensive, actionable insights into any cyber-related query or threat scenario.

  • 5+ years of experience in cybersecurity landscape

  • Deep understanding of networking technologies and protocols, network security principles, firewalls, network access controls and network-based attacks

  • Experience in monitoring or analyzing network topologies, captures and flows

  • Deep knowledge in security mechanisms, products, detection techniques

  • Strong coding skills, with ability to develop end-to-end POC for new security capabilities

  • Excellent communication and team collaboration skills

  • Fluency in English

  • Analyze various network devices, configurations and security products

  • Implement methods and algorithms to discover network topology, relationships between devices and potential lateral movement paths

  • Conduct network security assessments to identify weaknesses in customers network infrastructure, and recommend mitigations to monitor and limit unauthorized access

  • Develop research tools and frameworks to perform automatic analysis of network devices and security products

  • Research and analyze network-related cybersecurity threats and trends

  • Work closely with other internal engineering and AI teams to integrate new capabilities into our platform and guide cross-product architectural decisions

  • Act as a security subject matter expert for multidisciplinary teams

We are looking for a researcher to help us harness the power of Dream’s trillions of security signals to rapidly diagnose and alert the latest attacker behaviors, drive critical context-rich signals, construct new tools and automations to support customers, identify threats, and detect advanced attacker techniques.


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