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Cyber Data Analyst


Tel Aviv, Israel

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Dream is a pioneering AI cybersecurity company delivering revolutionary defense through artificial intelligence. Our proprietary AI platform creates a unified security system safeguarding assets against existing and emerging generative cyber threats. Dream's advanced AI automates discovery, calculates risks, performs real-time threat detection, and plans an automated response. With a core focus on the "unknowns," our AI transforms data into clear threat narratives and actionable defense strategies.

Dream's AI cybersecurity platform represents a paradigm shift in cyber defense, employing a novel, multi-layered approach across all organizational networks in real-time. At the core of our solution is Dream's proprietary Cyber Language Model, a groundbreaking innovation that provides real-time, contextualized intelligence for comprehensive, actionable insights into any cyber-related query or threat scenario.

  • Proven experience working with structured and unstructured data, and familiarity with databases such as GraphDB, VectorDB, ColumnDB, Elasticsearch, and other NoSQL databases.

  • Expertise in Python for data exploration, analysis, and visualization.

  • Solid understanding of cybersecurity principles and experience in applying them to data analysis.

  • Experience in machine learning, deep learning, and large language models is highly desirable.

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to communicate complex data insights clearly and effectively.

  • Excellent collaboration and communication skills, with a proven track record of working effectively in team environments.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Cybersecurity, or a related field is a plus.

  • Cybersecurity threat intelligence background and proficiency in webint is a plus.

  • Advanced Data Exploration: Apply Python and statistical tools to deeply explore structured and unstructured data across various database technologies (GraphDB, VectorDB, ColumnDB, Elasticsearch, and NoSQL).

  • Insight and Trend Analysis: Extract meaningful insights from complex data sets to identify trends, patterns, and anomalies.

  • In-depth Research: Research up-to-date threat-intelligence repositories and automate data enrichments into the platform.

  • Data-Driven Cybersecurity Analysis: Utilize advanced statistical methods and mathematical modeling to analyze data for potential threats and vulnerabilities, focusing on patterns and anomalies that could indicate security incidents.

  • Collaborative Insight Sharing: Work alongside cross-functional teams to communicate complex data findings. Prepare and present reports that translate intricate data insights into actionable intelligence for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

  • Continuous Skill Enhancement: Stay updated with the latest statistical methods, data analysis techniques, and advancements in AI, including machine learning and deep learning, to continually improve cybersecurity data analysis practices.

We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Cyber Data Analyst to join our dynamic team. The ideal candidate will be proficient in working with both structured and unstructured data, utilizing a variety of databases including GraphDB, VectorDB, ColumnDB, Elasticsearch, and other NoSQL databases. This role involves leveraging Python to explore data, extract insights, present trends, and make predictions.


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